Posted by Annabel Lee on October 21st, 2018

Hello All:

It's been ages! I hope that everyone is well. I miss interacting with many of you! Others? Not so much! LOL. In all seriousness, it's the "others" who've been my greatest teachers these past 2 years, and I’d like to share with you here what I’ve learned. My time on YouTube is coming to a close, with the exception of one last video that I’ve been working on and hope to post soon. I’m writing this post to fill you in on how that video has materialized over the past year and how I’ve come to the decision to stop posting to YouTube, as the video and that decision are related.

I've learned so much over the past 2 years about how to handle Cluster Bs. The short answer? Sit back, observe, document, and let them spin. Thankfully, Cluster Bs are unoriginal and lack the ability to self-reflect or consider the real-life consequences of their actions, so it's been pretty easy for me to pin down 3 potential methods they'll employ as a result of a target's silence. The most difficult part for me as a target was being patient, and in that respect, this whole experience has been very helpful to me. And when I say "this whole experience," here's just a small sample of what I'm referring to:

  • The tracking down and publicizing of my son's name and his professional website
  • The tracking down and publicizing of my former legal name and location
  • The creation of an entire channel devoted to publicizing my former legal name
  • Threats of physical harm to me, my family, and other YouTubers and their families
  • Phone calls to my unlisted private telephone number
  • Over 100 videos collectively mocking and smearing me and others who documented Cluster B abuse on YouTube

Probably the most important lesson I've learned: Patience allows us to be strategic--a skill that most Cluster Bs, given their lack of emotional intelligence, are incapable of mastering. For this, I'm grateful to toxic YouTubers and their minions. Interestingly, a good number of these minions have been discarded by their Cluster B masters. Shocking, right? Not really. Cluster Bs are users, and once even their most prized flying monkeys have served their purpose or, worse yet, have come to present some sort of threat to the Cluster B's manufactured public image, they're dropped like the proverbial hot potato. If these minions didn't engage in such evil behavior themselves, I would almost feel sorry for them. Almost...But I digress...

So how does the Cluster B respond to your silence? Initially, all of them will, for a period of time, engage in a frenzied smear campaign. They'll all flock to their Cluster B echo chambers, whether in person or online, to engage in what I refer to as the Cluster B Circle Jerk. The same fabricated stories, insults, and smears will be repeated, embellished, and recycled. But this only satisfies them for a brief period of time. They can't get supply from each other, not very good supply at least, so when their Tasmanian circle jerk doesn't elicit a response from you, their tactics shift. Here's what happens next, based on what I've witnessed:

Option 1: Some narcs will just get bored and go away. This is true for the majority of flying monkeys as well, who are basically in it for the toxic fix they get from watching the conflict, but at the same time don't want to get their own hands dirty. These flying monkeys are toxic cowards living vicariously through more overt Cluster Bs. They're happy to follow around their Queen B, chime in on the smears when they have a friendly audience, get a good laugh, but are ultimately too weak and personally disinterested to get any more involved than that. Therefore, they slink away, at least until someone stirs the Cluster B pot enough to get them excited again. 

Option 2: They'll ramp it up, doing anything they can to elicit a response from their target. They’re basically junkies, jonesing for supply. Like any other addict, they can do some damage in pursuit of their next fix, if you let them. However, they can’t control their vindictive impulses, and in carrying them out, they will often set themselves up for major problems when they’re trying to elicit a response from you. With these types, it’s best to just let them go about their business until you've built enough evidence of their behavior. Then get third-parties involved (Human Resources at your place of work, the family law court, law enforcement, whatever your situation calls for). Once you do that, many of them will run. This is also true for the Cluster Bs I refer to in Option 3. They may flex their muscles and mock your actions, but trust this: Despite their false bravado, they are afraid of real-world consequences, and they will stop, at least outwardly.

Option 3: They'll employ their flying monkeys & (if online) use sock puppet accounts to keep their visible hands "clean" in the eyes of the unaware masses while they continue to harass you. Coverts on YouTube live by this method. This can be more difficult to pin down, but their flying monkeys (usually not very bright people) will make mistakes that implicate not only themselves, but also the narc they're monkeying for. This one takes the most patience on your part, but if you're patient, the payoff can be glorious. (In my case, their sock puppet accounts are still active, which is actually very helpful to me, so thanks Sherri and Sacha--aka Rainforest Princess and Emerson J.)

Be aware that when we are quiet, many Cluster Bs feel emboldened, untouchable. They mistakenly believe that they’ve “beaten” us. And when they feel untouchable, they make mistakes. If I hadn't remained quiet, I wouldn't have the treasure trove of documentation that will bring accountability. They can privatize videos, delete comments, and change their channel names, and some of them have, but none of that matters at this point. It's too late. Everything has already been downloaded, documented, and some of it even witnessed in real time by law enforcement. Once they crossed that line with my son in 2017, they set events into motion that cannot be reversed. They need to learn a lesson, but unlike them, I'm going to go about bringing that lesson to them legally and transparently, with my real name, my real face, and when I talk about it publicly, I'll talk about it on my real channel. I don't need to hide behind flying monkeys and sock puppet accounts. Again, these people are cowards. I am not. I've dealt with far worse in my life than a gaggle of decompensating Cluster Bs on YouTube and their minions. 

So what is this about "scorched earth" in the title of this blog? Well, I've kept relatively quiet about all of this since my son was tracked down. Since then, I've had to be quiet because I was told that I had to be quiet. Admittedly, it wasn't my choice, but I did what I was told to do. At first, it was frustrating to not defend myself and people that I cared about who were being similarly harassed and smeared, but over time, the benefits began to become apparent to me. It was slow, but eventually, things began to happen. They’re still happening, so I don’t have the all-clear just yet, but that day is coming, I’m told.

I've been piecing together a video for over a year that documents the events that began to unfold two years ago. The video is educational but also revelatory. It's educational in the sense that I've documented the process I've gone through both with law enforcement and the attorneys I hired in Canada and in the states. I've learned so much about how to document, how to organize information, and how to present information to law enforcement and civil attorneys in a way that makes their job of helping you as easy as possible (and less expensive for you). I've also documented the Cluster B responses to various stages of what has unfolded, which will give others insight into what to expect from these types. Amazing Polly (aka Polly Phemus aka Fight Narcissism) actually emailed a video response to my civil attorney when she was served. The level of delusion, projection, and claimed victimhood in the video is thoroughly enlightening.

The video I’ve been working on is revelatory in the sense that I am no longer willing to extend any courtesies to the people who have harassed me and others. I will not be blocking out screen names or avatars. I will present the documentation I’ve gathered as it originally appeared to me, all of which comes from public posts, open-source public information, communications that were directed at me and/or my attorneys, and communications to others on YouTube that were provided to me by one of the parties to the communication.In short, I've sat by for well over a year while I've been smeared, harassed, and threatened. The video I'll be uploading is my one opportunity to respond and provide anyone who is interested with a clear picture of how these types operate and what works (or doesn't work) when defending yourself from Cluster B abuse. 

Over the past year, the longer I stayed away from YouTube, the more I was able to focus on my family, my work, and the people in my life. When I did upload the occasional video, I was inevitably hit with sock puppet and flying monkey attacks. At one point, I realized that YouTube was the only toxic space left in my life, so why would I want to willingly enter that space? The short answer is, I don’t. For that reason, I don’t think I’ll be uploading to YouTube again, with the exception of the video that I’ve mentioned in this post.

In short? My time on YouTube has pretty much come to a close. I’ve moved my content to Bitchute, and with the exception of the video I’ve mentioned here, all future uploads will be to my Bitchute channel. This decision has been liberating in that, for the first time since I began my YouTube channel, I have no qualms about posting a video that may be attacked or ill-received by the usual suspects and their flying monkeys. I am in the beautiful, empowering place of not caring about how the video is received. The video is well-researched, and the video content is well-documented. Therefore, based on previous experiences, I expect that an outraged clan of Cluster Bs may attack. The only difference this time? I simply don’t care. What a great place to be!

I’m so grateful to have met the many wonderful people I’ve met on YouTube, many of whom I consider friends. Thank you for your support and friendship over the past 3 years. I learned a lot from you, and I appreciate your kindness.

Take care, everyone!


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