Posted by Annabel Lee on August 28th, 2017

Hello All:

A few months ago, a channel called L oL was opened on YouTube. This channel contained no original content; rather, it contained only a series of play lists of smearing videos about me and others in the narcissistic abuse recovery community. My former legal name, along with my channel name Annabel Lee, appeared in both the channel description and in the title of several playlists on the L oL channel. I was told by many YouTubers that the channel owner then went around the community “promoting” her channel to expose my name to as many people as possible. This occurred 2 months after a “Russian” trolling account (that is actually run by a YouTuber many of you are familiar with) tracked down and publicized the name of my son, along with my former legal name, in the comments of another channel.

If any of you captured screenshots of comments left by the channel owner L oL on other channels about me and/or promoting the L oL channel, I would very much appreciate if you would send them to me at

I’ve uploaded an image of the L oL channel under the Phoenix Rising tab in the photo gallery so you can see the thumbnail. We already have the channel information. At this point, we just need screenshots of this person or anyone else promoting the channel in the comments of other channels or in private messages.

Any images you send will not be published or discussed on this site or anywhere else publicly, and your privacy won’t be compromised.

Thanks everyone!