Posted by Annabel Lee on January 12th, 2017

This site contains screenshots of comments that were posted publicly on YouTube either to or about the owners of this site. Because those comments were directed at the owners of this site, or make statements about the owners of this site, Fair Use allows for the owners of this site to respond to those comments. Nothing on this site has been altered; the content contained in the screenshots appears exactly as it did when it was posted publicly on YouTube, on a public blog, or in messages sent to the owners of this site. 

The screenshots are presented here to provide 

  • Responses and commentary to the comments captured in the screenshots
  • Education about toxic behavior in the narcissistic abuse recovery YouTube community
  • Transparency and accuracy so that those in the community can make informed decisions

It's important that toxic types be held accountable for their behavior. Transparency acts as a defense against the gaslighting and lies employed by these types in their ongoing smear campaign. 

As we have seen with the shutting down of the pinterest account and the copyright claim against an earlier version of this site, toxic types don't like transparency. Toxic types don't like it when their words are on display and they can no longer control the narrative via reframing, gaslighting, and lies. Unfortunately for them, responding to, commenting on, and analyzing comments made in a public forum is protected by Fair Use doctrine. In a nutshell, if you smear me, I have a right to respond. Copyright laws do not protect anyone's ability to slander and defame another human being. However, copyright laws do protect an individual's right to respond to, comment on, and analyze comments and videos that slander and defame.

Any additional attempts to infringe upon my rights to address public comments and videos made about me will fail. Documenting and responding to a public smear campaign is not against the law. Defamation and false copyright claims meant to silence others is against the law.