Posted by Annabel Lee on December 1st, 2016

There are many resources out there about gaslighting, but Urban Dictionary pretty much nailed it, so why not?According to good old Urban Dictionary, gaslighting is "an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information..."

But in Toxic Land, where gaslighting is a way of life, they have a different definition. In Toxic Land, 

  • Providing unaltered screenshots of abusive behaviors is "gaslighting"
  • Creating full-length, unaltered response videos is "gaslighting."
  • Documentating and displaying their abusive videos, comments, and private messages is "gaslighting."

At the same time, the residents of Toxic Land, who ironically characterize this site as "gaslighting,"

  • Alter, edit, and annotate screenshots 
  • Upload abusive videos and then quickly take them down to conceal them
  • Splice small clips from their targets' videos into their own (with sound effects and music even) to reframe and support their false narrative
  • Create anonymous YouTube accounts to comment on their own videos to create the illusion of support for their toxic behavior
  • Create anonymous YouTube channels to further smear their targets with anonymous, gaslighting videos
  • Make accusations about their targets without providing any objective support for their accusations, while accusing those who actually provide objective evidence of "gaslighting."
  • Accuse their targets of censorship, while they at the same time have pinterest boards removed and harass and threaten others with legal action for expressing their opinions
  • Lie by omission--for example, making a statement that "Annabel refuses to negotiate," while failng to mention that no attempt to contact me was ever made. (And I'm sorry, but I have to say it. "Refuses to negotiate"? What a silly, self-important statement. We aren't heads of state. We have small channels on YouTube.)
  • Claim they're being persecuted, while they continue to upload videos smearing and mocking their targets (I'm told that Polly Phemus/Fight Narcissism included me in a "Smug" video less than a week ago.)
  • Laugh and brag when the pinterest page was taken down because of their complaint to pinterest, but throw a fit when the documentation of their behavior appears on a new site

It sure does get confusing in Toxic Land. I don't know about you, but I'm grateful for the education the past two months has provided. It's far less confusing now.