Posted by . on November 27th, 2016

This site was created to replace the Pinterest boards that were removed by Pinterest because of complaints made by the "Anti-Censorship" Brigade! (Irony at its finest.)

The Pinterest boards were created to document and publicize cyberbullying that began in January 2016. It was geared toward piercing the gaslighting and smear campaign perpetuated by a small group of toxic people on YouTube. Immediately upon the first video appearing on the Cluster B Free Zone’s YouTube page (Annabel’s video sharing the disturbing emails she received from Phoenix Rising), the toxic troupe’s smear campaign began, spearheaded by Polly Phemus. (Why was Fight Narcissism aka Polly Phemus so upset about Phoenix Rising being exposed? Good question.) The smear campaign has been both expected and educational.

So far, we’ve learned that in Toxic Land,

  • Documenting harassment for others to see for themselves is "gang stalking."
  • Speaking publicly about harassment is "bullying."
  • Defending oneself against baseless, projective accusations is "harassment."
  • And blocking trolls from YouTube pages is "censorship."

Ironically, as is the case with all toxic types, the smear campaign launched by the toxic troup contained little more than projective accusations of the behaviors that they themselves engaged in, specifically:

  • Accusing their targets of "bullying," while they created 30+ videos collectively smearing their targets. Contrast this with the 6 responsive videos uploaded to the Cluster B Free Zone YouTube page over the past 8 weeks, and the "bullies" are easy to discern.
  • Accusing their targets of "gang stalking," while they routinely stalk commenters on their targets' YouTube pages, bombard the community with videos and comments smearing their targets, attempt to triangulage other members of the YouTube community who have nothing to do with this, attack anyone who dares to question their logic, and continually attempt to get their toxic comments through on pages from which they know they are blocked. (As a matter of fact, Polly Phemus just inserted Annabel into yet another video today! Several weeks after Annabel's last response video. Who's the bully?)
  • Accusing their targets of "harassment," while they make videos and leave comments threatening their targets and their children.
  • Claiming "censorship" when their abusive comments are blocked, but bragging about having the Pinterest shut down. Sounds like censorship (and hypocrisy) to me!

Those connected to the Cluster B Free Zone YouTube page, the pinterest board, and this website will continue to document the toxic behaviors directed at them for as long as those behaviors continue.